Authentic barbecue is the cornerstone of Suzanna's business and is still produced with careful attention to detail. Our process ensures consistent, mouth-watering barbecue taste every time. A full complement of special sauces is sure to satisfy tastes from California to the Carolinas. If you prefer to customize your own menu, we have fully cooked meat products you can enhance with your own secret recipe.

Consistent quality, superior taste Premium barbeque is a product of art and science.
Art is knowing the right combination of ingredients to produce a one-of-a-kind taste; science in producing consistent, quality product batch after batch.

Suzanna's preserves the best tradition of classic barbecue with a modern processing facility. Hickory wood planks are still the prime ingredient. These are fed into a giant hearth and hand stoked throughout the process. Once the ovens are fired. a computer controlled system, developed exclusively by Suzanna's, measures and controls precise amounts of smoke and humidity. Smoke is drawn into a baffled stainless steel chamber and dispersed as needed to the product. The system assures complete, even processing of all product as well as a consistent true barbecue taste, so that you can promise your customers the same homestyle quality every time you serve a Suzanna's Kitchen product.


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