We may not be the originators of barbecue products, but a growing legion of satisfied customers will quickly attest that no one does it better today. From meat selection, to sauce recipes, to cooking technique, Suzanna's is the name to ask for:

Tender & Tasty Pork

Tender & Tasy Pork

 1) Ham

 2) Loin

 3) Spareribs/Belly

 4) Shoulder Butt

 5) Picnic Shoulder


Only the top quality pork butts and ribs make it to Suzanna's Kitchen. Trimmed lean, then slow cooked over natural hickory, these tasty pork products deliver tender, juicy eating satisfaction in every bite.

  • Premium quality U.S.D.A. No.1 grade pork.
  • Hand pulled, chopped or sliced.
  • Several sauce variations to choose from.
  • Also available in dry pack pulled without sauce.

Hearty & Juicy Beef

Hearty & Juicey Beef

 1) Chuck

 2) Ribs

 3) Loin

 4) Round

 5) Brisket/Flank


We use only U.S.D.A. briskets selected for uniformity and quality. The meat is slow cooked to bring out true barbeque flavor, then trimmed of excess fat and combined with our great homemade sauce.

  • U.S.D.A. Select Trimmed Brisket
  • Real hickory taste in every bite.
  • Available sliced in sauce or chopped in sauce.
  • Conveniently packaged in 5 lb. tubs.

Fresh & Juciey Chicken

 1) Breast

 2) Wings

 3) Legs




Ours is one of the largest chicken raising regions in the United States. This assures our daily pick of the freshest local birds. Our wood roasted quarters and split fryers are fork tender and full of delicious backyard barbecue taste.

  • Fully cooked for ease of preparation.
  • Only fresh local chicken is used in our barbecue.
  • A refreshing change from everyday menu items.
  • A great choice for today's nutrition conscious consumer.


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