The cooking that takes you home...

  The Suzanna's Story

It all began with a home style recipe for Brunswick Stew. Thirty-five years and over one hundred products later, Suzanna's Kitchen is one of the premiere small food companies in the South.

Suzanna's versatile menu includes premium beef, chicken and pork barbecue, chili, corndogs and a host of other prepared meat products in conveniently packed sizes for restaurants, schools, cafeterias, convenience stores - virtually all types of foodservice operations.

The company prospers through a combination of insight and innovation. Suzanna's was one of the first U.S. companies to develop an automated hand-forming process for beef products for national restaurant chains. Today, the company's computerized barbecue line is the envy of larger competitors.

Suzanna's keeps pace with changing consumer tastes and preferences by working closely with customers and industry experts. A well-appointed test kitchen is a base for refining recipes, and helping customers develop new food products.

With a proactive attitude and products made to help control food and labor costs, Suzanna's Kitchen is ready to serve you.

Suzanna's Mission and Commitment.

  • We believe in truth, integrity, hard work, fairness, goodwill benefiting our employees, customers, suppliers and consumers of our food products.
  • We do this by always putting our consuming customer first and our employees as our greatest asset.
  • We measure our success by living up constantly to all of our beliefs with love and understanding.
  • We reinvest a significant portion of our time and profits back into the community where we live through our employees, civic organizations and religious institutions.
  • We must obtain "state of the art" equipment that is safe, productive and sanitary to bring the best quality at the lowest cost to fill consumer demands.
  • We are building our Company as a team - each of us fully responsible for our acts to each other, our consumers and friendly to the environment for the well being of God's creation.

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Suzanna's Kitchen
4025 Buford Highway
Duluth, GA 30096

770-476-8899 (fax)

Hot dogs are dipped in our special sweet batter recipe, cooked in pure vegetable oil then Individually Quick Frozen (IQF) to customer needs.

Processing is done in sanitary conditions using state of the art equipment-computer controlled technology to guarantee reliability from product to product.

We have two barbecue ovens that allow us to cook up to 72,000 pounds of meat daily. The process secures even cooking and smoking throughout.

Our quality control department monitors all incoming materials and out bound finished products to assure consistency in every package.